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       This is the place for readers to find the stories about both Jonathan Raines, a tough detective in Detroit during the 1930s, and equally rugged West Texas lawman Johnny Madrid, plus other memorable  characters in novels featuring a variety of historical settings. 

This also is the place for Just Yesterday, a column devoted to interesting local historical tales, and little known facts about the people who settled Bay City and the State of Michigan.  There also is My Times, a column with comments on current news events with a historical perspectives.    You can stop at the Writer's Desk for helpful tips on writing that paper, newsletter, article, or even the great American novel.

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Pecos Moon By Tim Younkman
If I Die Again By Tim Younkman
Detroit 32 By Tim Younkman

My Times

Just Yesterday


     Once again the rioting mob has duped itself.

   In Ferguson, Mo., some of the rioters took to wearing Guy Fawkes masks. 

   I’m sure most of those wearing the depiction of the 1605 plotter convicted of treason had no idea whose face was on the mask.  It was just some white dude with a mustache and smile.

   There was supposed to be some kind of irony in it, I guess, with black rioters wearing the face of a white man.

   But think of the message—the people were supposed to be protesting the killing of a black youth by a white man—a white symbol of authority—and to conceal their identities, they wear the mask of a white man.

   Seeing all the people running around with Guy Fawkes faces, reminiscent to some degree of the movie “V is for Vendetta,” made me wonder if the protesters had any knowledge of that movie or the book and comic book series that spawned it.

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   I don’t remember all of that Thanksgiving Day, 1962.

   I do recall the aroma of turkey and witnessing the televised massacre that took place that day.

   The images in black-and-white were indelibly seared into my teenage brain at the time.   One of them is the arrogant, sneering quarterback in the yellow helmet disappearing in a sea of Honolulu Blue and Silver.

   The Detroit Lions to a man HATED the Green Bay Packers.  All through the 1950s and up to that point in the new decade, they met the Packers on Thanksgiving Day in Briggs Stadium (later called Tiger Stadium).

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